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Guest Opinion January 21, How can this be when between hot sexy old men percent to 96 percent of American adults polled believe that men and women should have equal rights, and 72 percent already think that men and women have equal rights guaranteed by the Constitution ERA Survey? How can this be when the U. I can this be when the Republicans were the first to endorse the ERA in the party platform in sex friends in arizona s with the Democrats shortly following suit?

Y et it remains that America is one of few countries that sex friends in arizona not guarantee women equal protection of rights under the Constitution. In fact, corporations received equal rights under the 14 th Amendment before women did. Supreme Court justices have made it clear that the Constitution does not prohibit discrimination based on sex.

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I think we have achieved that through sex friends in arizona, but legislation can be repealed, it can be altered. Ariaona ERA was born in after women won the right to vote. It was introduced every year in Congress until finally, inthe ERA was passed by Congress and by ratified by 35 states of the 38 needed.

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The ERA is the only proposed amendment that had an expiration date on it — a practice many challenge. The Sex friends in arizona will help improve the lives of men and women by making equality a Constitutional principle as well as a law, as it is now arizoja some areas. The U.

Currently women make on average 83 cents on the dollar compared to men performing the same job. Women also are less likely to have benefits at work such as insurance and pensions. These are only a few examples of how the ERA sex friends in arizona improve the lives of all American citizens now and in the future.

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Arizona did not pass the ERA in the s. But women in Arizona still demand equality.

State Rep. Rebecca Rios will be introducing the ERA again this year.

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It has been sex friends in arizona many past years but leadership refused to assign it to arizoja committee, let alone have a hearing. The women of Arizona deserve better.

Women could vote in Arizona inand Rachael Berry, from Apache County, was the first woman legislator elected in Arizona in before women in the rest of the country could even vote.

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Arizona holds the record landon girl sex the most women governors four, three in a row and frjends women sex friends in arizona all state offices at the same time The first woman appointed to the Supreme Court came from. Arizona needs to reclaim its place in the march toward equality by ratifying the ERA today and moving toward that day that all discrimination will end.

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Yes, they Do. For 16 years, I date and ditch been founder-president of The Equal Rights Amendment Alliance, with hundreds of thousands of members, ERA organizations with more springing up every year. Or, why are they afraid of sex friends in arizona females? Makes no sense.

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Because they are. Ratification of the ERA is not going to mean automatic pay raises for female workers nor will it end domestic violence. The international community can claim the U.

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Constitution is still fgiends law of the land and the courts have sex friends in arizona ruled that government has no responsibility to provide protection to individual citizens and cannot be held responsible for failing to do so see Town of Castle Rock v.

Gonzales, US []; Warren v. District of Columbia, A.

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Winnebago County Dept. Ratification of the amendment will have virtually no effect on the day-to-day lives of women or men because the accomplishments ses Arizona women have gradually relegated the amendment into the feel-good category.

Your email address will not be published. Don't Miss Supreme Court to hear case on utility takeover Arizona Supreme Court agrees to consider frozen embryo case Law to ban cities from mandating employee benefits dead The Breakdown: Kaitlin Ford.

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Dianne Post. Guest Opinion. Sandy Oestreich January 26, arziona 9: ERA states: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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