Portland Or Bust!

Somehow the apartment is empty.

We’re here in Portland and we got the house. The last week in San Francisco was a special kind of hell, but we got through it and managed not to kill each other. There were more things to go on the moving truck than the estimate included and what was left over wasn’t going to fit in the Jeep. Every time I turned around it seemed there was something else we had forgotten to consider. I wouldn’t say I’m particularly attached to my things, but I really hate making quick decisions, especially about whether or not to give something up and there were a lot of those in the final few days.

The morning we were leaving we made a last minute call to accept an offer to use a friend’s garage space for anything that wouldn’t fit. Two trips with a Mini Cooper, some very creative stacking and knot tying and there was nothing left on the sidewalk or in the apartment. With a healthy dose of sedatives in the cat, we were ready to take off.

Thankfully the drive was uneventful, our cat even slept almost the whole way with only a little howling in the beginning and the end. We pulled into Portland around 10pm and headed straight to Dan’s mom’s house, our home base for the next week while we waited to get the keys.

On November 20th we were handed the keys. Walking around the empty house and knowing it was all ours, was pretty awesome. It felt bigger than we ever could have imagined, especially since our stuff wouldn’t be here for another week or so. We quickly bought a couch and a new bed, borrowed some folding chairs and tables, and ordered a cord of firewood. What else did we really need?

The house really didn’t need any work for us to move in, but the living room and my office space had both been painted a horrible mint green, so we got to work before the furniture arrived. The living room is now a sophisticated mid-tone neutral grey and my office space is salmon, a color I hope will offset the grey winter we’re about to endure.

And yes, I did mention office space. Our house has four bedrooms, it’s kind of crazy really.  We’re living in the downstairs one with the best light and the other one downstairs will be a guest room for now and hopefully the baby’s room in the next year or so. Upstairs there are two more bedrooms, so I get one and Dan gets one. I’m looking forward to setting up my own creative space.

In our excitement to be in the new house we invited both our families over for Thanksgiving only to find out later that there was no way our stuff would arrive before Thanksgiving. We went for it anyway with everything borrowed from friends and family and managed to pull off a great dinner for 12. It really felt like Thanksgiving is supposed to.

Now a few weeks later, everything here and we’re slowly unpacking and settling in. The job hunt has begun for both of us, but we know there won’t be much movement till January. So we’re enjoying the slow time, getting to know our new city and making all sorts of plans for the year ahead. Most of them in front of the fireplace to make the cold and grey seem a little more tolerable. 

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